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Powered by the ability to absorb and harness solar energy, Comet modules offer exceptional performance, increased efficiency and durability. The new generation of heterojunction solar panels (HJT) is a reality for profitability, due to its lower temperature coefficient and its outstanding performance in low light (the HJT has exceptional performance in high temperatures). 

As an established solar cell technology, the Comet series is specially created to be the perfect technology between the roof and the sun. Its design allows maximizing the performance of the photovoltaic module which, therefore, reduces the final energy cost.

With an efficiency index of up to 22.2% and a power range of up to 485W, the new generation of heterojunction solar panels (HJT) is the best solution for obtaining a safe and fast return on investment and costs. low energy. With its lower temperature coefficient, high efficiency, double glazing, and great low-light performance, the Comet series is the perfect choice for both moderate and extreme climates.

“Manufacture of an HJT cell is more efficient and requires fewer processes compared to other technologies. The HJT cell is also a natural bifacial cell, with a much more stable color. AE Solar ‘s international teamis committed to going beyond the established limits, with the aim of offering the most suitable product for the roofs of our partners and customers. The main characteristic of our products is quality and this characteristic is our main advantage. We have worked on the constant improvement of our products, which has allowed us to increase the duration of the performance guarantee from 12 to 15 years and reach a 30-year product guarantee. A significant achievement for solar energy companies,” explains Alexander Maier, CEO and founder of AE Solar.

AE Solar, a German Tier 1 manufacturer, has proven to be a dynamic company, positioning itself as one of the leading private companies since its creation in 2003. It has grown steadily, expanding its client portfolio and reinforcing its presence in international markets. AE Solar operates in more than 95 countries. The international team works to offer innovative products and solutions for the solar industry.

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