Make your voices heard on solar farms

Sandra Fritz,


Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to the June 4-5 Fulton Sun weekend front-page article concerning Callaway County rural residents opposed to solar farms springing up in our community, specifically in northern Callaway. A similar project is being studied in the New Bloomfield community.

I applaud everyone questioning and opposing these so-called farms. Make your voices heard! I see one such so-called solar ‘farm’ on the east side of Columbia, and it is unsightly just as a starter. It devours acres of natural pastures and is detrimental to all wildlife in its grip. And it is there for years.

The solar industry, along with other ‘green’ energy endeavors are often highly subsidized by the government from our tax dollars. With all of the fossil fuel energy resources our country has, enough to fuel us for hundreds of years, why are communities being whisked into these projects? These fossil fuel and nuclear sources are also highly regulated. Another key word in this context is affordable. Are solar farms, expensive to build and maintain (storing the energy), really the right way to go?

If farm owners and community owners do not want these large, unsightly and wildlife unfriendly “farms,” then our county commissioners should listen to them carefully and do everything they can to keep these projects at bay at this point.

In closing, a good article to Google on the so-called climate emergency, is titled The 10 Most Respected Global Warming Skeptics. These scientists and physicists are not necessarily all anti-green energy or anti-climate change. They are often highly skeptical of many of the scare tactics being circulated about the emergency and immediate necessity of converting to all non-fossil fuel resources. They share a lot of information we do not normally see or hear anywhere. No one should be misled by alarmist tactics, often not scientific or factual.

Author: systems