Households urged to tap solar energy

Richmond Mercurio – The Philippine Star

January 1, 2023 | 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines — Chinese solar manufacturer LONGi Solar is urging more Filipino households to utilize solar energy amid the looming power problems.

“As the Philippines continues to grapple with a struggling energy system, experts are now expecting more potential power shortages in 2023,” LONGi said.

“Given this unfavorable scenario, it’s high time to consider shifting to a better, more sustainable solution like solar energy,” it said.

LONGi Solar, the largest supplier of solar panels in the world, said the most significant and practical benefit of installing solar panels on rooftops is the cost savings.

“This benefit is valid as long as your business or home consumes all the solar energy generated, compared to using power from utilities,” it said.

While the initial investment for a basic solar home installation is around P100,000, the company said the savings accumulated through the years makes the initial investment worth it.

It said a homeowner is likely to break even in three to five years, and the system will work for at least 25 years.

The financial institutions providing loans to cover the initial investments are also increasing linearly with the additional demand for banking services that cover renewables, LONGi Solar said.

In addition, LONGi Solar said when more households switch to solar energy, the overall demand for electricity on the system decreases, thereby reducing the heavy burden on the power grid.

“This situation is critical during the summer months when electricity demand is higher – homes and businesses kick their air conditioners into overdrive, and appliances like freezers and refrigerators work twice as hard to maintain the same baseline level of cooling. Electricity also becomes more expensive to produce and purchase in the mid-afternoons of hot days,” it said.

The company said solar reduces the overall demand for electricity on the power grid, lessening the grid’s stress while lowering consumer electricity spending.

Homes with solar panels can also substantially and positively impact the environment as there is no need to burn fossil fuels which have damaging emissions that pollute the environment.

From an energy generation view, solar is one of the cleanest energy sources, according to LONGi Solar.

In terms of reliability, meanwhile, the company said solar energy is relatively free and readily available in the Philippines, unlike fossil fuels, which are running out fast.

“It makes sense to reduce dependence on limited resources and instead take advantage of a plentiful, abundant resource,” it said.

LONGi currently supplies more than 42 gigawatts of its latest Hi-MO 5 series modules worldwide. Some of the company’s projects include Ocean Park Hong Kong and Chulalongkorn University in Thailand.

“Our innovative technology and exceptional quality have allowed us to maintain a leading position in the industry for reliability and stability. As LONGi is recognized by all financial institutions worldwide, our quality speaks for itself,” said Jonathan Xu, Asia Pacific marketing manager of LONGi.

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