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We’ve got a jam-packed MB for you this morning. Today we’ll be looking at the formation of the American Solar Grazing Association, a community solar bill in Maine, the winners of the 17th Solar Cup and much much more!

Wyoming’s first solar trade organization: Wyoming Solar Energy Association – More and more emerging state markets in the U.S. are taking the renewable transition seriously. Now, Wyoming has stepped up to bat with the formation of the state’s first solar trade organization, the aptly named Wyoming Solar Energy Association. WYSE’s mission is stated as “Community engagement through educational outreach, advocacy and business services.” You can check out WYSE here Source: Gillette News Record

American Solar Grazing Association – Finally, as there is a voice for solar in Wyoming, there is now a voice for those of us who are hell bent on the partnerships of solar and sheep farms. Well, in New York there is, as the American Solar Grazing Association has formed. The association is a nonprofit serving shepherds who want to partner with solar farmers, vice versa or individuals who are both. Source: American Solar Grazing Association

Turf war: EVGo to install EV chargers at California gas stations – EVgo is working with Chevron to bring EV fast charging to select Chevron company-owned and operated gas stations in California. Today, more than a dozen EVgo fast chargers – ranging from 50 kW to 100 kW capacity – are already operational or under construction at five Chevron stations to offer convenient charging to EV drivers. These stations are located in Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area communities in California, including Aliso Viejo, Manhattan Beach, Menlo Park, and Venice.” Source: EVGo

Maine bipartisan solar bill – A bill has been introduced in the Maine Senate which would lead to the development of more than 400 MW of community solar power. LD 1711 would establish the development of community solar in Maine, targeted at delivering renewable energy to low-to-moderate income customers. Our take: This is really accelerated development in a state that just a year ago had no net metering and seemingly no solar future. Good on you, Maine! If you’d like to read the bill, you can do so here. Source: Natural Resources Council of Maine

Vote Solar pushes for inclusion of 6 GW solar goal in Governor Cuomo’s plans, will drive ‘thousands of jobs’ – It seems a daunting ask, but Vote Solar has released a report outlining the necessity of New York to add 4.575 GW of solar across the residential, commercial and community solar sectors. The additions are necessary to reach Governor Cuomo’s goal of 6 deployed GW by 2025 And, once again, you can read the report in full here. Source: Vote Solar

Insight Solar partners with CertainTeed – “Solar energy provider Insight Solar announced today it has partnered with manufacturer CertainTeed to provide a wide range of photovoltaic solar panel solutions for Massachusetts residents. The partnership will provide a 25-year warranty option for Massachusetts homeowners considering making the switch from traditional, fossil fuel-based power to clean, environmentally friendly solar power. Insight provides solar energy consultation, education and installation… Insight helps homeowners determine whether solar is right for their home, educates them on the benefits of net metering and provides contractors with expertise in solar panel placement and installation for maximum savings.” Source: Insight Solar

Solar Cup winners – The 17th Solar Cup is over and the winners have been announced! The top prizes were awarded to Cypress-based Oxford Academy and Oaks Christian of Westlake Village, California. Oxford Academy took their crown in the veteran’s division, while the newcomer Oaks Christian took the rookie division by storm, racing past the competition. In other recognition The Veteran Division’s “Hottest Looking Boat” went to Calabasas High School, and the Rookies’ hottest came from San Jacinto Valley Academy. The sportsmanship award was given to Compton High School and the teamwork award was won by Anaheim High School. Congrats to all the participants, you guys are truly inspiring! Source: Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

NSG Group to work on development of transparent solar window – NSG Group has announced a joint development agreement between its subsidiary and Ubiquitous Energy. The ongoing joint development work targets the development, manufacture, and integration of Ubiquitous Energy’s ClearView Power technology into architectural window glass that has the potential to produce solar electricity for buildings. NSG’s participation includes ongoing research and development (R&D) and technical support. Ubiquitous Energy’s transparent solar coating, ClearView Power, selectively absorbs and converts non-visible light (ultraviolet and infrared) to electricity while transmitting visible light.” Source: Ubiquitous Energy

Source: https://pv-magazine-usa.com/2019/05/21/wyomings-first-solar-trade-association-ev-chargers-encroaching-on-gas-stations-pvmb-5-21-19/

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