‘World First’ Enables Kiwis to Meet Climate Change Challenge

‘World First’ Enables Kiwis to Meet Climate
Change Challenge
and Cut Power Bills In

Solarcity, New
Zealand’s leading solar power company has teamed up with
Panasonic the world’s leading battery manufacturer, to
launch a world first. A revolutionary new service, solarZero
which enables Kiwis to reach the Government’s climate
change targets and reduce the price of power.

gives Kiwis a new way to power their homes on a subscription
basis like Netflix, at a price which is up to 50% cheaper
than buying power from the grid. The solarZero service
integrates solar panels and a unique new battery platform
which delivers real time control over key appliances and
gives energy a voice through Alexa, a cloud based voice
service to check performance, answer questions and control
your smart home.

The new solarZero battery platform
changes the way solar power can be stored and shared. It
tracks home power usage, buying extra power if needed when
the rates are low. It also provides emergency back-up power,
giving added security during unpredictable outages and
natural disasters.

“Our engineers
in Beijing and Singapore have spent the past three years
working alongside solarcity’s engineers in Auckland to
achieve significant design, technology and cost
breakthroughs. This is a world first battery platform design
which allows solarcity to deliver its breakthrough service
without the support of any government subsidy,” said
Stewart Fowler, Managing Director of Panasonic New Zealand.

This partnership and new service will accelerate the
nation’s transition to becoming 100% renewable by 2035, a
target set by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Minister for
Climate Change James Shaw says, “It’s initiatives like
this which will help us make a real difference. The
challenge climate change represents is the greatest
opportunity we have to upgrade our economy to one that is
more productive, higher-value, higher-tech, and higher-wage
than the economy we have at the moment.”

In an average
year our electricity generation plants emit 5 million tonnes
of carbon – 10% of our carbon emissions. “By delivering
solar as a service to 500,000 homes and 5,000 commercial
rooftops in the next 10 years, solarZero can end New
Zealand’s dependence on fossil fuel generation and
generate cleaner, cheaper and more reliable energy,” says
solarcity CEO Andrew Booth.

New Zealand has the
fastest growing residential power prices in the 29 countries
surveyed by the International Energy Agency, rising 79%
(adjusted for inflation) since 1990. solarZero turns
conventional electricity pricing on its head, giving
customers a personalised energy plan, designed to enable
them to cut their power bill in half and put an end to the
rising cost of power.

The service uses an award winning
financing mechanism developed by solarcity and Westpac based
on the model pioneered by Google, Apple and Facebook to
lock in a fixed, low cost, inflation free price for solar
power across 20 years removing any and all technology risk.

A survey released today by Buzz Channel to mark the
launch of this new energy service found that 83% of Kiwis
want to see New Zealand move towards a cleaner and greener
power supply and 65% agree that solar energy is the solution
for this.

solarcity has surveyed 1.1 million New Zealand
rooftops and found 850,000 solar-ready homes. Even if fewer
than 50% of them were to take up the solarZero energy
service, the combined savings to those consumers would be
$4.4 billion over 20

Over the
past three years solarZero has become the single biggest
provider of residential solar power in New Zealand. Its
3,000 customers generate 12 GWh of electricity each year,
enough to power a town the size of Huntly.

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Gary Holden, CEO of Pulse
Utilities, one of the original team that advised the
government on the design of the current energy system
welcomed the breakthrough.“Enabling consumers to integrate
solar and batteries with the grid is the pathway to a low
cost, carbon-free future. The power grid faces expensive
upgrades from now on and 100% renewable energy is finally
the cheapest option. Consumers save, the grid is better
utilised and New Zealand becomes 100% renewable … what
could possibly be better than this?”
“Solar power
was the fastest-growing source of new energy worldwide last
year. We are witnessing the start of a new era as
technological innovation starts to deliver the tools we need
to stop climate change. It’s great to see a small company
here in New Zealand pull off a world first,” says Mike
Bennett, CEO of Z and Chair of the Climate Leaders


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