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Are you considering installing solar panels onto your home?

As scientists warn about the terrible consequences of global warming, governments have looked for alternative fuel options. It’s now clear that renewable energy will be the future and, solar power will play a big part.

More and more Americans are turning to this energy source to power their homes. In fact, the US is now the fifth largest generator of solar power in the world.

But why go solar right now?

Well, keep reading, and we’ll share the top four reasons why you should switch to solar energy to power your home.

1. Drastically Reduced Energy Bills

One of the biggest benefits of switching to solar power is the reduced cost of energy bills.

The average household will save several hundred dollars a year, depending on how many panels you install. Plus, if you live in a state with many sunshine (California, Arizona, Florida, Texas), you could even eliminate energy bills.

Of course, installing solar panels costs money upfront but, in recent years, this has reduced. This is because the cost to manufacture top solar panels has become cheaper.

So, in no time at all, you can pay off the installation cost and start saving a sizeable amount of money.

2. Solar Panels Could Increase the Value of Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your property in the next few years, solar panels could get you a higher price.

Some experts believe that solar panels could increase your property value by up to $15,000. But, this may depend on several factors, including:

The type of solar panels
When they were installed
How much sunlight your property receives

Although you can boast that you pay minimal to no electricity bills, this is likely to start a bidding war.

3. Environmental Benefits

One of the biggest and obvious reasons to go solar is to help the environment.

When we burn fossils fuels to produce energy, we emit harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, including CO2. When this happens, it traps heat, and so the planet’s temperature rises.

Plus, fossil fuels also cause air pollution, which results in health problems and even deaths.

Yet, solar power is clean energy that doesn’t harm the environment. Not only does this benefit humans but all species on earth.

4. Solar Panels Are Very Durable

One of the great things about solar panels is how long they last. Their lifespan is usually several decades, and they need little maintenance.

This means that you don’t have to worry about replacing them every five years and spending money. Just one installation could be all you ever require.

This is just one more reason why solar panels are such a great investment.

Why Go Solar Today?

We hope you have enjoyed reading our guide and we have answered the question of ‘why go solar’?

As you can see, the benefits of solar panels are huge. Not only will you help save the environment but, you could eliminate your home energy bills.

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