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Indian solar module manufacturer Vikram Solar has announced the availability of three new product lines for pre-order in the United States. The panels all have the capability of reaching 400 W and feature half-cell and bifacial designs. Vikram Solar was named a top performer in PVEL’s 2019 Reliability Scorecard earlier this year on the damp heat, dynamic mechanical load sequence and potential induced degradation (PID) tests.

“Vikram Solar continues to be a global solar industry leader in module reliability and performance warranties, and we look forward to expanding further in the U.S. with these powerful product options,” said Gyanesh Chaudhary, Managing Director and CEO, Vikram Solar.

SOMERA Grand Ultima Max

SOMERA Grand Ultima Max half-cell modules: Power output ranges from 405 to 425 W, and the modules have a 27-year linear power warranty, with shipment to the U.S. market starting January 2020.

“The SOMERA Grand half-cell module offers superior price performance. Half-cells generate only half the current of standard cells, which lowers heat generation and increases reliability and production. Yet the manufacturing process for the half-cells adds little to the cost, making the SOMERA Grand Ultima Max an excellent choice for applications requiring maximum output at a cost-competitive price point,” said Jay Sharma, Country Managing Director, Vikram Solar Americas.

The module’s technological advancements include a high-performance encapsulation which optimizes internal reflection and allows the module to harvest more light; lower interconnect resistance between cells, which minimizes power losses; and the use of three split junction boxes with individual bypass diodes to reduce internal resistance and improve heat dissipation.

SOMERA P-Duplex bifacial frameless

SOMERA P-Duplex frameless bifacial modules: The 72-full-cell bifacial modules range from 375 to 400 W output. The modules have a 30-year linear power warranty, with U.S. shipments starting in January 2020. The module’s duplex design uses UV-resistant substrates on both sides, which increases output, and features near-zero PID due to its highly resistive encapsulant and frameless design, which also minimize moisture ingress.

The glass-glass design is ideal for environments with fluctuating temperatures and snowy winters. It is also perfectly suited for high-moisture environments such as floating solar energy systems.

SOMERA P-Duplex framed bifacial half-cell modules: These bifacial modules come with a transparent backsheet with a power output ranging from 390 to 420 W. The modules are backed by a 30-year linear power warranty, with U.S. shipments starting in March 2020. Equipped with DuPont’s Tedlar-based transparent backsheets, these low-weight modules can be easily installed with minimal changes to standard mounting methods.

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