Video: Classic GMC motorhome tragedy! –

By Russ and Tiña De Maris

(UPDATE: This motorhome sold for $17,000 the day we posted this article, May 12.)
If you had plenty of money, would you buy a classic GMC motorhome? Sorry, we’re drooling. There is one for sale in California, that creamy yellow fiberglass gelcoat singing like a Siren to a sailor. It’s currently on Internet auction – and the bid (on this no-reserve auction) was just $14,000 at mid-week.

But before you jump overboard, there’s one thing you should know: They cut the heart and soul out of the interior of the motorhome and turned it (gasp!) into a car hauler. Sliced the rear wall away from the rest of the rig, stuck in a couple of linear actuators to lift the rear wall/door and added drop-down ramps. Gone is the classic interior! Gone is the galley, the bathroom, the sleeping accommodations.

Up front, the original style and class remains: Factory brown velour seats and carpets. That old plastic dashboard with a wood-grain trim-out. Flip on the dash A/C and you’ll get cool (not cold) air. But everything else we love about GMC’s once-fastest-motorhome-on-the-road is gone.

To entice the unwary, the seller has produced a video showing just how well this used-to-be-classic works as a car hauler by rolling in a Jaguar XJS. We plaintively ask: How would you Jag fans feel if we stripped out the guts of a Jaguar and put in a mattress? Oy! Watch the attached video if you can bear it!

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