Valley Electric Association moves on solar –

Valley Electric Association, recently introduced SolPower, a full-service solar company that will serve members who choose to install solar panels, according to the cooperative’s website.

SolPower will install the panels, inverter and “everything needed to make a complete solar power system,” according to the company’s website. SolPower will also provide “any required maintenance.”

VEA provided answers to questions about SolPower from the Pahrump Valley Times via email.

“Many members have chosen solar already, so VEA feels that it is our responsibility, being a member-owned cooperative utility, to give the option for members to invest in solar from the utility they own. We are just launching this service right now and have spoken with dozens of members who are very interested. We anticipate installations will start next month,” the company said in a statement.

If a VEA member wants a solar system, they would have to contact SolPower through a website, or by calling, the cooperative said.

After that, one of the VEA energy advisers would speak with the member, tell them about services, and start working on a proposal for a solar system. VEA proposals include all of the details of the system including how many panels they need, what kind of equipment the company uses, the size and cost of the system.

“We design our solar to meet the energy needs of the particular residence,” the company said.

SolPower determines the energy needs based on the last 12 months of energy usage, a record that a company can access from Valley Electric Association with the permission of the member. The company would then design the system using software creating 3D models of the member’s property. Once the member reviews the proposal, SolPower would visit the site and inspect their home. After that, the member would sign the contract, and the company would begin construction.

The cost of solar is based on the members’ energy usage needs, and how big the system size is. Since SolPower designs each system to meet the specific member’s needs, the price of solar varies based on each project, the company said.

“Installing solar is a great long-term investment. Financing will be handled in-house, saving our members even more (money) by not having to go through a third party,” the company said in a statement.

Some of the main benefits of going with SolPower are possible reduction of monthly electric bills, a fixed energy cost for more than 20 years, generating their own power, and helping the environment, the company said.

“When members install a solar system, they can feel confident knowing that they are generating their own power. They can also feel comfortable knowing that the cost of producing their own energy will be the same today, in 5 years, in 10 years, and so on. Finally, they can know that they are reducing their carbon emissions by choosing solar,” SolPower said.


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