Trust Solar Powered Homes

SOLAR Powered Homes Coffs Harbour is a local family business with a passion for solar.

The team is dedicated to designing and installing commercial and residential solar PV systems.

Solar Powered Homes has honed its skills over the past 15years to deliver the highest quality installations while providing backup service and support to its valued customers.

The business has a range of products and services that address both business and residential clients’ desire for healthy green credentials by reducing their greenhouse gas production as well as saving money on energy.

These include energy auditing, grid connect solar PV (with or without hybrid – battery storage), stand-alone power, PV solar system monitoring, home automation and electric vehicle charging.

Company owner Brett Randall said Solar Powered Homes prided itself on providing quality products from companies that were sustainable with long warranties, were safe, efficient and beneficial for the environment.

“At Solar Powered Homes we are all passionate about the environment and we feel good about improving the world, one panel at a time,” Mr Randall said.

“This is why we use LG solar panels with its excellent environmental credentials, superior efficiency and SolarEdge for our inverters.

“Both have industry-leading warranties, so we know they will last a lot longer than lesser products and therefore save valuable natural resources.

“The higher efficiencies that come with quality products mean that we can pack more power into the roof space.”

Mr Randall said safety was a top priority for the business and that by using SolarEdge inverters and optimisers, in the event of an emergency or a fault the entire system would revert to a safe voltage so emergency services could carry out their duties and occupants were protected from dangerous voltages.

He said SolarEdge monitoring allowed customers to control their usage patterns and increase the amount of solar self-consumed onsite rather than buying energy from the grid.

To complete the suite of top-shelf components, Solar Powered Homes uses LG Chem Lithium batteries.

When coupled with the SolarEdge backup inverter, self-consumption is maximised as well as maintaining fridge, lights, TV, computers and water pumps during a grid outage.


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