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Are you considering a solar power system for your commercial building? Or do you think the upfront cost is not worth the investment? Well, you are not alone. Given the high energy costs, the competition, and hype around solar power systems, it is smart to check if it’s worth your money.

Here is a brief account of the top 8 benefits of utilizing solar power, a renewable source of energy, for your commercial building.

Solar power systems can be ideal for any of the following commercial premises.

  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Commercial buildings and warehouses
  • Sports clubs
  • Swimming complexes
  • Municipal facilities
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Bus Stations
  • Taxi stations
  • Railway Stations
  • Building Integrated Systems
  • Car parks and many more

Produces Green Energy

Whatever the type may be, traditional power plants generally use fossil duel in one way or another. Some plants utilize nuclear energy to produce electricity but almost all of them are not sustainable means of production. When you install solar panels, you are lowering your carbon footprint. Moreover, you can effectively reduce your reliance on municipality-supplied electric power.

Your commercial building can also meet the criteria for Energy Star or LEED certification by installing solar power systems.

Attract Environmentally Conscious People

Thanks to the increasing awareness about global warming and the importance of reducing carbon footprint, more people are looking for environment-friendly solutions. For the last several decades, fossil fuel consumption has been on the rise.

You can help save the planet by opting for solar-powered commercial facilities. This approach will attract more customers, employees, and residents who wish to work with people who take the health of the planet seriously. Not only do you reduce the business expenses (more on that a little later) but you get more clients as well. It’s a win-win.

Cut The Energy Costs

The perks of having a solar power system are many but this outweighs all of them. Whether you install a solar system for business in Eagle ID, with or without battery backup, you can cut the energy costs.

Let’s say you have a system with battery backup. When it’s shiny and bright, your facility can directly use the energy produced by the solar panels. The batteries store the energy, convert it from DC to AC and instantly supply it to the building. The excess energy is utilized in the hours when the system is not producing enough electric power.

When you have connected the solar panel system to the meter and utility lines, solar panels produce electric power that is sent to the utility provider. During the sunny days and low energy utilizing hours, your building may be producing more energy than required, your meter may even run backward.

Be In Control Of Your Future Energy Bills

Energy costs are continuously increasing every year. Be it the national average or state-wise cost comparison, an increase in rates is apparent. Such trends can jeopardize your future business goals in the long run. If you are a business or commercial building owner that uses a lot of electricity every year, keep your business expenses in check by opting for an alternative source of energy. As the average lifespan of solar panels is between 20-25 years, you are more likely to be in control of your future energy bills.

Avoid Complete Power Outages In Your Commercial Facility

Complete power outages can be a nightmare for any commercial building. It can be life-threatening in spaces like hospitals and healthcare facilities. When your building is relying on the electricity supply from the municipality, it is susceptible to a complete power outage at any given time. It can be a serious issue in storms and extreme weather conditions.

When you invest your money in a solar panel system, you are protecting yourself from the risks of a power outage. As long as the battery backups are functioning properly, your building will be supplied with electric power.

Get Tax Credits

Cutting business expenses gets to a whole new level when your state is offering tax credits for solar power system installation. Section 179 of the tax code allows businesses to complete costs of installation of solar panels. The Internal Revenue Service also offers a specific solar panels tax credit. From this year to onwards, it is announced to be at 10%.

Become A Prosumer And Earn SREC

Have you heard the term prosumer? It’s a combination of the producer and consumer. Installing the solar panel system allows you to become one. And while you produce energy for your utility company, you can make money. For every 1000 kilowatts of energy produced by the solar panel system, you will receive a Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC). You can sell it to your utility for as high as $300 in some states.

Solar Panel Systems Are Cheaper Than Ever Before!

With every passing year, solar panel systems are getting affordable. And you can also finance your solar panel installation by acquiring loans.

If your commercial roof gets sunlight for the greater part of the year, then you should go for a solar power system. Get in touch with commercial solar panel companies Eagle ID today. “Make hay while the sun shines!”.


June 15, 2021 susan ward