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Studies show that solar panel installation will continue double-digit growth rates in the future.

Are you interested in getting solar panels installed for your home? Have you started looking into companies to work with? Who should you hire for this big project?

Unlike putting a bed together, solar panels must be installed by a professional.

Keep reading to learn about the factors to consider when choosing a solar installer for your home:

1. What Experience Do They Offer

Is the company new to the solar industry? How experienced are they with installation on different types of roofing?

You aren’t likely to trust a mechanic that has only been working for a week because they haven’t had enough time to learn yet. The same holds true for the solar installation experience. You want to find a business that has been completing the residential solar installation on many homes in many areas to be properly prepared for the project.

2. Quality of Products

What types of products are they using? Where are the cost savings coming from?

If you see a quote that is significantly less than all of the others, it is important to find out why. Using cheaper, fewer quality products could cause the panels to have a shorter lifespan than high-quality ones.

3. What Are People Saying

Reading online customer reviews can be a very beneficial part of choosing a solar installer. People who have previously worked with different companies will share their experience online and have no incentive to sell anything but the truth.

You can save time if you hear that a company is never on time or took 2 months to complete the install. They won’t advertise that type of information on the website, so it is beneficial to read through all of the reviews and testimonials from multiple sites.

4. Take Your Time When Choosing a Solar Installer

Investing in solar for your home is a significant investment. It is important to take time in every step of the process and not rush to get a quick fix or good deal. The industry is growing rapidly as people move toward greener efforts for the environment and the competition is increasing as a result.

Look no further than one of the solar leaders in the nation when you are on your search for solar providers.

5. Finance Options

Investing in solar panels for your home can be a large expense but there are tax benefits in most areas. Finding out what type of financing options are available can help you get a better idea of the monthly cost of paying for the solar panels.

Get Started Today

Now that you have read more about the factors to consider when choosing a solar installer, you can get started on the solar process today! Renewable energy is only going to grow in popularity, so get on board and start saving today. Check out our website for more informative articles like this one.


May 7, 2021 susan ward