ToGo Power Pioneer 500 makes regular power banks look like amateurs – Digital Camera World

When you think of portable power banks, you usually think of something the size of a portable hard drive that can slip into your pocket or a camera bag and recharge your phone or camera a couple of times.

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The ToGo Power Pioneer 500, now on sale at Adorama in the US, takes this to a whole new level – and a whole new scale. Designed as a portable power supply for all sorts of outdoor activities from camping expeditions to wilderness workstations, but it’s especially suited to photographers and videographers running location lighting, laptops, cameras and camera phones.

It’s just one of a range of portable power stations, gas-powered generators and solar panels from the maker, ToGo Power.

The ToGo Power Pioneer 500 power station could be ideal for location photography and power-hungry video shoots. (Image credit: ToGo Power)

ToGo Pioneer 500 specs and features

May 19, 2021 Mary Sparks