Three Beautiful and Sustainable Buildings in the Tourism Industry – Bio Market Insights

Over the past decade, more and more companies have committed to environmentally responsible buildings, giving their employees and staff a green workplace. However, we’ve seen an increase in sustainable buildings in the hospitality and tourism industries as well all over the world. Here are three infrastructures that have received praise due to their innovative architecture and green design.

Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore

Designed by Patricia Urquiola, this hotel is often referred to as a green oasis in the middle of Singapore’s Central Business District. Despite being in the busy city center, Oasia Hotel is clearly pointed out: the external facade is wrapped in natural vines that covers all 27 floors of the building. A breath of fresh air in Singapore, the building is described to be “a living, breathing vertical garden, a remarkable combination of lush foliage, copper, wood and stone”.  Filled with sky terraces and gardens, Oasia is home to 33 species of plants and 21 species of creepers. Its four large structural cores allow good cross ventilation, therefore reducing the overall energy cost.

Museum of Tomorrow, Rio de Janeiro

A science museum in Brazil designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, Museu do Amanhã or Museum of Tomorrow features exhibits about population growth and increased life expectancy, climate change, genetic engineering, technological advances and changes in biodiversity. A clear example of a well executed partnership between public and private institutions, the Museum uses natural energy and light sources. Water from the nearby bay of Pier Maua is used to regulate the temperature inside the building and supplies water to the Museum’s reflecting pools. It also uses moving photovoltaic solar panels, which can be adjusted to optimize the sun’s rays and generate solar energy to supply the building.

1 Hotel, Miami

Meyer Davis, a globally recognized studio, transformed a 1968 building in South Florida into the 1 Hotel flagship hotel chain. “The luxury of enough,” as Meyer calls it, references the essence of the 1 Hotel brand: sustainable sanctuaries that provide maximum comfort and luxury with eco-consciousness. The Studio used reclaimed wood, organic bed linens, hemp mattresses, clothes hangers molded from recycled paper and even replaced the traditional bedside notepads for chalkboards. The 1 Hotel chain announced in 2021 that all their operations across the US are now certified carbon neutral.


July 9, 2021 Harry Hall