The Rare Opportunity To Buy An Earthroamer Has Presented Itself – Muscle Cars and Trucks Media

With the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport are being marketed as adventure vehicles just as much as off-roaders, Ford is already catering to overlanders and off-the-grid campers by offering numerous camping accessories like rooftop tents. But for the wealthy among us, sleeping in a tent is a little too rustic. What they crave is the convenience of a luxury motorhome, with the capability of the best off-road vehicles. And for that, there’s really only one option: the EarthRoamer camper. Better yet, a used one has just popped up for sale through EarthRoamer’s imaginatively named “PreRoamed” used vehicle department, and it’s a bargain! At least, relatively speaking.

A new EarthRoamer will set you back at least $590,000, so this 2015 XV-LTS camper presents great savings at $390,000. Since new, it’s done 31,389 miles and looks to be in perfect shape. As with any EarthRoamer camper, there’s nothing quite like it.


This model is based on a Ford F-550 crew cab heavy duty truck, but almost nothing is standard. To get you out to your wilderness destination, it features massive 41 inch diameter, 12 inch wide, 22 ply Continental military-duty tires on beadlock wheels, 4×4, and air suspension.

Once you get to your campsite, which can be almost anywhere you want it to be, the EarthRoamer XV-LTS continues to impress with it’s cabin and features. The craziest thing about these campers is their self-sustaining abilities. Solar panels power the appliances (up to 1,320 watts) and charge a 12 kWh absorbed glass Matt battery thats specifically developed to sustain off-road abuse. This all means you can live completely off the grid with no need for a noisy, obnoxious generator. It’s also very environmentally friendly, if that’s a concern in your massive rig powered by a 6.7 liter PowerStroke turbo diesel V8 with 300 hp and 660 lbs-ft of torque.


This EarthRoamer also has a 85 gallon water system that’s heated and insulated, and a 26 gallon grey water tank for sink and bathroom waste. With that much water storage, you can go close to two weeks between fill ups if you’re smart with usage.

The one piece, boat hull inspired cabin is as luxurious as you’d expect at the price point. This model has the “Boulder” floor plan, with full heating and air conditioning. Interior appointments include maple cabinetry, a king size loft bed over the truck cab, pull out synthetic leather sofa, TV, induction stove, 10 inch stainless sink, refrigerator, microwave, ambient lighting and wifi. The bathroom is incredibly space efficient, fitting a sink, shower and toilet into the same private room.


But during the day, in beautiful weather and nature, why be stuck inside the camper? This example has the exterior kitchen with a grille and pull out awning. Those boxes on the back of the truck are also extra storage space.

If you’re looking for the ultimate escape into the great outdoors, there’s really nothing better than the EarthRoamer. This used model saves some money on your six-figure camper, too, because the owners of these things are really focused on budgeting.


July 16, 2020 Mary Sparks