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Fisker Inc.—the car company built by Henrik Fisker—has a new crossover luxury SUV coming out, and it’s making a big splash. Unveiled just before the 2020 CES in Las Vegas, the Fisker Ocean is its first fully-electric SUV, and once people learned more about it, they realized that it might have the capability to dethrone Tesla in the EV/SUV market segment.

With Fisker bouncing back from bankruptcy, he has a tall task ahead to take down the behemoth that is Tesla. He also has lofty ambitions, with a goal of producing 1 million Fisker Oceans between 2022 to 2027! That in itself would outweigh Tesla, and he’ll need some serious manpower and manufacturing help to do it.

Let’s take a look at all the ways this electric vehicle might beat Tesla at its own game.

The Fisker Ocean Is Cheaper

2022 Fisker Ocean solar panel roof
via Autobild

The Fisker Ocean will definitely give the Tesla Model Y SUV a run for its money. First off, the Model Y starts at $52,990, which is quite pricey. The Fisker Ocean will offer many comparable options but for a fraction of the price. It’s going to start at just $37,499, but then federal and local tax incentives will knock that down to $29,999! (That’s less than a Tesla Model 3.)

Leasing options will be available with $2,999 down at $379 per month, which isn’t bad at all. You can also put down a $250 deposit to reserve one, which is way better than the $1,000+ deposits Tesla requires for their cars. Insurance for the car will be available through the Fisker owner’s app and will be reasonable. Ownership periods will range from one month to several years for leased Oceans. There will be no long-term contracts, and you’ll get 30,000 miles per year included!

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Awesome Range And Even More Electrified

Fisker Ocean and Electrify America
via Motor Authority

The Fisker Ocean will get range that’s comparable to the Tesla Model Y, which is its main competitor, obviously. The specifications aren’t complete so far, but the battery is rated at 80 kilowatt-hours, with a target range between 250 and 300 miles. The 2020 Model Y gets up to 315 miles—but remember, it’s $13,000 more than the Ocean. The Ocean’s battery is provided in-house, by Fisker Nanotech, which is the battery adjunct of the Fisker Inc. company.

Fisker also boasts solar panels all over the car. Panels take up the entire roof, and that “sunroof” will get you extra miles on a sunny day! Unfortunately, ExtremeTech thinks those panels will only add about 5 miles per day… but that’s still free miles.

Fisker will also use Electrify America, in a big partnership deal, which will give the Ocean more access to charging stations as Electrify America is seriously ramping up their stations in the coming years.

We’re not sure about the performance specs yet, such as if it’ll take 4 seconds or 8 seconds to go from 0-60 mph, or somewhere in between. The Ocean probably won’t beat out the Model Y’s 3.5-second 0-60 acceleration, but that would be hard to do. It will definitely have the acceleration of an EV, though, which is incredibly powerful from a standstill.

“The World’s Most Sustainable Car”

Fisker Ocean interior
via Autoblog

One big thing that Fisker prides itself on is the claim that the Ocean will be “the world’s most sustainable car.” Even Tesla can’t make that claim, especially when you consider the lengths Fisker has gone to solidify itself in that space.

Besides the intricate solar panel roof, the Ocean will also have vegan leather interior (not sure what that is, but it sounds awesome), eco-suede trim (also a mystery to us), and carpeting made from recycled materials. Fisker says that it will use “discarded rubber waste [from] tire manufacturing” to make those things.

“California mode” is a special Ocean-specific feature that allows you to lower all the windows, including the rear, with the push of a button. It will give the compact crossover a convertible feel, which should be pretty sweet.

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A More Substantial Compact Luxury Crossover Than Competitors

Fisker Ocean at CES 2020
via Car and Driver

People have already touted how cool and spiffy the Fisker Ocean looks, even in its concept form. As MotorTrend puts it, “the stance is squat and girthy overall, and the model certainly looks more substantial than typical compact luxury crossovers such as BMW’s X3 or Volvo’s XC60.” MotorTrend also believes that Fisker Inc. will spend plenty of money and time on marketing, seeing as that the Fisker name is relatively unknown compared to, say, Tesla.

The crossover also has big, sturdy looking tires and unique wheels that will set it apart from its competition. Even though the “California mode” will make it seem frilly and small, it’s built with strong materials and won’t be cheaply made.

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