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Around three million Australian homes have installed solar panels in the last decade as we move towards a renewable and sustainable future. Numerous businesses and companies have followed suit.

Now is a great time to consider making the switch as panels are more efficient and more affordable than ever.

Why go solar?

The obvious answer is lower electricity costs, but creating renewable energy provides many more benefits to that. On top of reduced expenses, you’ll also have more control over your power bill. Sick of bill shock? Rooftop panels allow you to stabilise your bills, with your credits earned by exporting power back to the grid.

If you include a battery with your rooftop system, you can also avoid any outages and issues that come with being connected to the grid. These batteries will allow you to keep the lights on for 24 hours continuously during an outage, or up to a week when used sparingly at night time.

Then there are the obvious environmental benefits. You’ll be transitioning away from non-renewable fossil fuels like coal and gas, preventing carbon emissions and helping the planet move toward a sustainable future.

Is my home suitable?

Several factors influence how efficient rooftop systems will be. Fortunately, modern panels are capable of absorbing lots of sunlight from almost any angle, so direct lines of sight to the sun aren’t essential (but they do help).

You’ll need enough roof space to install these – but technology has improved dramatically over the last decade so they are more efficient. You won’t need as many of them, either.

If you have trees that hang over your roof, they may need to be pruned or relocated. Not only will the branches block the sunlight, but they’ll also drop debris that can cover or damage your panels.

How many panels will I need?

First, you’ll need to determine how much electricity you’re consuming. You can find your usage rate on your electricity bill, but this is also a golden opportunity to reduce your usage rate.

Have you switched your incandescent lights to LED yet? These use around 75 per cent less electricity than halogen lights and last up to 10 times longer. You can also purchase a Powerpal Smart Energy Monitor, which connects your smart device to your meter and allows you to see your usage in real-time and save money.

How much is a system going to cost me?

This will vary depending on the size of the system, the inverter and any battery solutions that you want to include. Fortunately, there are government rebates and grants available to drive down the installation cost to meet most budgets. Plus your solar system will pay itself off in no time.

Let the team at Energy Matters assist you, so you can get the best technology installed at your home for the lowest prices and you can start saving money immediately.

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June 10, 2021 sally Wood