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pv magazine spoke with Daren Goldin, CEO of Florida-based Goldin Solar and one of the first recipients of Tesla’s Backup Gateway 2 — to get his early thoughts on the product and what has been improved upon in this second generation.

June 5, 2020

Florida’s Goldin Solar has completed deployment of one of the first of Tesla’s newest offering, the Tesla Backup Gateway 2.

The product was installed at Goldin Solar CEO Daren Goldin’s home over the last weekend of May.

Tesla’s Backup Gateway 2 is an energy management system that communicates directly with any installed Powerwall battery, allowing customers to manage their energy usage and backup capacity, as well as monitor self-consumption and time-based control, all from the Tesla app. It can support the connection of up to 10 Powerwall batteries, comes with a 10-year warranty and its wall-mount design comes in at 23″ tall, 15″ wide and 5″ deep.

“We got it early as one of Tesla’s leading Powerwall installers,” Goldin told pv magazine. “Tesla reached out to us and said ‘Do you gust want to try this out first?’ We said we’d love to… It arrived last week, we installed it at the house over the weekend and, yeah, it’s a beautiful product.”

The new version is smaller and lighter than the original Backup Gateway. With no visible antenna, it’s similar in appearance to a Powerwall. The design has also removed the need for an additional sub-panel to connect all of the Powerwalls, the inverter, and loads together. The new gateway can also be configured to backup specific loads within a home while excluding others during outages. The overall amount of data monitoring available has also been upped.

“We’re excited about the aesthetics,” Goldin said. “We’re excited about being able to give our customers a product that looks just like the Powerwall. It makes [the installation] that much more of a clean and seamless experience for our customers. We believe it’s going to make for an easier installation for us, because now we can terminate everything we need into one device – we don’t need an extra subpanel for the generation breakers.”

Outside of aesthetics, Goldin sees the biggest improvement of the Backup Gateway 2 being the improved power consumption and monitoring accuracy. The monitoring accuracy is on par with utility-grade monitoring, sometimes referred to as ‘revenue-grade,’ due to the monitoring being so accurate that one can be invoiced for it. This new monitoring accuracy is claimed as being 0.2% from actuality. According to Goldin Solar, Tesla intends to use this improved accuracy in future virtual power plant programs, like the company’s ongoing pilot in Australia.

The company also shares that, moving forward, all new Goldin Solar contracts for the Powerwall will include the Backup Gateway.

Source: https://pv-magazine-usa.com/2020/06/05/teslas-backup-gateway-2-has-landed-in-the-us/

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