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Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) is best known for selling electric vehicles. But the company also makes and sells solar panels, home batteries and vehicle chargers. Tesla’s goal is not only to get every car on the road off gas and onto electricity, but to transition the globe to sustainable energy.

What Happened: Tesla may be working on a full home package to sell homeowners on solar, batteries and vehicle charging all in one go, according to a new report from Electrek.

In Germany, Tesla sent out a survey to gauge customer interest in different products.

Tesla now offers a bundle on solar with their Powerwall home energy storage, making the batteries cheaper if purchased with a solar system install.

Benzinga’s Take: Tesla has the products to fully integrate all electricity needs, so a bundle with possibly a slight discount would be smart.

If a customer buys a vehicle from Tesla, home solar becomes an easy decision to save on fuel costs, and then a Powerwall becomes a natural extension of the solar. Throw in the vehicle charging equipment, and Tesla would easily be able to gain customers for all of their products with an attractive bundle. 

Picture courtesy of Tesla.

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