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The Terre Haute Board of Public Works and Safety Monday gave a green light to the city’s police department to request bids for two special-purpose built vehicles, to be paid from a more than $200,000 state grant.

The department is seeking a high roof, all-wheel drive van, to be used “as a hostage negotiator mobile command, work van,” Terre Haute Police Sgt. Steve Lockard, who oversees the department’s fleet services, told the board.

Secondly a 1.5 ton, 4X4 crew cab truck “would be built out as a SWAT (special weapons and tactics) team and SRT (special reaction team) team equipment vehicle, so that all of their specialized equipment can be kept at one place and be moved at the ready and not have to be packed up in the middle of an incident,” Lockard said.

“Both of these are subject to a grant that we were awarded by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security State Homeland Security Priority Funding grant. It is the same grant that we were awarded and got the Bear Cat armored vehicle,” Lockard said.

The police department received $206,206 for the vehicles plus any customization. The grant requires the city to pay the funding up front and then be reimbursed by the grant, Lockard said. 

“None of these are militarized vehicles,” Lockard told the board. “They are solely special purpose vehicles.”

Overpass construction

In other business, the board approved a preconstruction agreement with the Indiana Department of Transportation for two overpasses at North 13th Street and 8th Avenue.

In 2018, Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb announced an award of $13.52 million in state funds toward the then-estimated $16.9 million cost of the two overpasses, with the city responsible for 20 percent of the total cost. However, the estimated project cost is now much higher.

“Since this is funded by state bonds, INDOT is going to managing the project and will also be covering design and inspection,” Mauer said. “This is a preliminary agreement that we will do the project and move forward,” Mauer said with design. “There will be another agreement later” for construction, he told the board.

The total project cost, which includes property acquisition and right of way, is now estimated at about $30 million, Mauer said, with construction estimated about $24 million of the total.

“Our current match right now, with a lot of contingencies, is potentially around $10 million,” Maurer said. “But we have a ways to go before we can pin a number down. It is not a typical 80-20 split” project, he said. “It is great project and a great opportunity. There were only a handful of these awarded across the state and we were lucky to get one,” Mauer said.

The project is currently slated to go out for construction bid in April, 2023, Mauer said.

Other business

The board also approved: 

• A proposal for design services for the Turn to the River Art Space. “This has to do with what we will be doing on the government campus. We are excited to get something done and the schedule remains to get something installed, a new fountain, next year,” City Attorney Eddie Felling told the board. The project is being shared by the city, Vigo County and Art Spaces, Felling said.

• Ameresco Inc., an independent provider of comprehensive energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, for a guaranteed energy savings review. “This is for this company to come in and put together an energy proposal,” Felling said. “Our focus right now is City Hall on windows, air conditioning units, you could do solar panels on the roof. City Hall badly needs an upgrade and that is their job to tailor something and pitch us a proposal,” Felling said. “At some point we will be back with a contract if we want to move forward on this.”

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