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Taiwanese solar company LOF Solar has released a line of colored solar panels. Now using half-cut cells, LOF says its product is ideal for both the traditional residential and commercial markets as well as BIPV.

“We are proud to announce that a high-efficiency mono color solar panel is ready to market. For the homeowner, it can improve the investment of return and satisfy the aesthetics taste of them. For those looking for an optimization between a stylish solar solution and a high performer, the newly launched colorful mono half-cut panel is the one,” said Katherine Chuang, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Since 2008, LOF Solar has been innovating high-efficiency colored solar cells. “LOF Solar” is a tribute to Professor J.J. Loferski, an American solar cell pioneer. LOF products have received various IEC and TUV certifications, and the company was a winner of the Outstanding Photonics Product Award and the Taiwan Excellence Award.

News item from LOF Solar

Source: https://www.solarpowerworldonline.com/2020/07/taiwanese-company-releases-half-cell-colored-solar-panels/

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