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By Fatmata Suma Kamara.

Members of the Tongo Action Group (TAG) on Friday 3rd January 2020 beautified major streets in Tongo Field.

With less than a year of forming the charitable organization, TAG was able to generate money for the procurement of twenty street solar lights for the beautification of Tongo.

The TAG organization was formed in March 2019 by descendants of Lower Bambara Chiefdom in Kenema Districts in order to give back to the community they hail from.

Commissioning the timely donated solar lights, the Resident Minister, Eastern Region who also hails from the Chiefdom, Andrew Ansu Fatorma commended the group for embarking on such an expensive project which was fulfilled because of their commitment and dedication towards the reconstruction of Tongo.

He said that TAG organization has clearly demonstrated their willingness to take proactive action in beautifying their origin beyond political difference and such steps should be emulated by other people to give back to their communities.

Stressing the need for securing the street-solar lights, the Minister admonished commercial bike-riders union to serve as watchdogs for the solar lights at all time and to arrest anyone that may want to tamper with the lights.

Chief Brima Dugba, of Palima in Nyawa Section, narrated how Tongo Fields used to be the meeting point for different nationalities as it was a spot for diamond. He commended TAG organization for the provision of solar street lights which he said is a security for the community.

The Global President of TAG, Hassan Lahai, said that Tongo Field used to be the melting pot of the country, by providing jobs and economic growth.

He said that the solar lights were provided through genuine contributions from TAG members at home and abroad and urged the people to protect and jealously guard the properties at all time.

The District Council Chairman, Mohamed O’Level Sesay, reiterated Council’s support to TAG as they are already complementing their efforts towards the electrification of Tongo. He said that water, electricity and market centers are among their priorities for the people.

The Loko Tribal Head, Mange Kamara, and Youth leader, Amidu G. Bah, expressed their happiness for such gesture coming from sons and daughters of Tongo which shows that they have the place at heart.

The Public Relations Officer, Sierra Leone Chapter, Madam Fatmata Suma-Kamara, called on Non-Governmental Organizations and philanthropists to come in and help in the construction of the road leading to Tongo Field and the provision of water and electricity.

Madam Kamara said that TAG exists on the platform of transparency and accountability and members should be rest assured that whatever little they contribute from their earnings towards any project will be properly utilized and accounted for.

TAG organization can be reached on: 076-463-441/099-512-030 or 034- 112-230.

0 Source: https://www.globaltimes-sl.com/tag-brightens-tongo-field/

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