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Sunrun, a residential solar, battery storage and energy services provider, is bringing its rechargeable solar battery system, Brightbox, to all of the company’s active markets. Sunrun currently has more than 13,000 Brightbox systems nationwide, and this announcement will expand access to millions of new potential customers.

Record storms, heatwaves and wildfires this year have uncovered vulnerabilities with the electric grid’s aging infrastructure, leaving millions of people without power. Usually lasting for several hours, recent power outages have come while millions of Americans have transitioned to working and schooling from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sunrun’s Brightbox offers homeowners the ability to power through such power outages with clean, reliable and immediate home energy. From May to September 2020, existing Brightbox customers powered essential needs during grid outages for a total of 7,583 hours, or about 315 days.

“Sunrun has been delivering affordable solar to communities across the U.S. for 13 years, and now we can provide resiliency with energy storage,” said Lynn Jurich, Sunrun CEO and co-founder. “By bringing our Brightbox system to all of our markets, we’ll ensure families and communities consume even more of the clean energy they produce, rely less on dirty fossil fuels and have power when they need it most.”

Beyond backing up home power needs, in some markets, these systems can also share stored power across communities through aggregated, local clean energy networks known as “virtual power plants.” Participating Brightbox users strengthen the electric grid in their neighborhoods, helping decrease blackout events for their entire community.

“We lost power for six days during Hurricane Isaias,” said Andy Robles, a Brightbox owner in Oakdale, New York. “The battery kicked in and I was able to power through the six-day blackout while safely working from home. Sunrun’s Brightbox system was a game changer and I’m glad more people will have access to this crucial technology.”

Brightbox, which previously served customers in 11 states (California, New York, Hawaii, Texas, Florida, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jersey) and Puerto Rico, is now available to residents in eight additional states (New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois, South Carolina and New Mexico) and Washington, D.C.

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