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SolarEdge’s new M1600 power optimizer for ground-mounted systems.

As part of its efforts to increase the availability of DC optimization, SolarEdge announced that it is expanding its residential and commercial power optimizer portfolio. Specifically designed to increase installation flexibility and profitability, the enhanced range is now available for orders in the U.S.

Growing its footprint in the commercial and utility PV market, SolarEdge is enhancing its power optimizer portfolio for large PV systems:

  • The new multi-input M1600 power optimizer for ground-mount installations improves the economic scalability of MLPE in utility PV installations. The new power optimizer has two MPP trackers, connected to four panels in multiples of two rows. The M1600 reduces installation time by halving the amount of power optimizers required, without compromising the optimization level. Supporting longer strings of up to 17kW, this new power optimizer reduces cabling, leading to lower overall BOS costs.
  • A cost-effective solution for serial arrays, the new P801 power optimizer for 72-cell modules enables the connection to 2 x 72-cell modules rated at up to 800W.

SolarEdge is further strengthening its residential power optimizer portfolio with a wider variety of module connectivity. Bringing DC optimization to more PV installations, the enhanced residential portfolio features the new P401 power optimizer that connects to high power 60/72-cell modules up to 400 W and 11.75 A short circuit current. In addition, the maximum short circuit of the, P405, and P485 power optimizers have been increased to 11A, supporting modules requiring higher input currents. modules requiring higher input currents.

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