Solar-powered ‘Silent 55’ yacht claims to make no noise as it sails – Business Insider – Business Insider

The Silent 55 takes “chasing the sun” to a whole new level.

The Austrian shipyard Silent Yachts has been experimenting with alternative energy sources for yachts since 2005. Its newest yacht, the Silent 55, is a solar-electric catamaran that the company says can run completely on solar energy and cruises silently.

The Silent 55 catamaran made its debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival earlier this year and has since been making the boat show circuit, most recently appearing at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Solar panels lining the vessel not only support solar-propulsion, but air conditioning and lighting, too, eliminating the need for a generator. When necessary, electric-propulsion can support the vessel as well. This eco-friendly yacht is just one example in a recent trend of of sustainable luxury travel.

Robb Report’s Julia Zaltzman reported the Silent 55 is selling for 1.4 million euros (or about $1.54 million).

Here’s a look inside the vessel.


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