Solar panels now accessible

A COMPANY is set to make solar panels available to Dabawenyos as it enters the Davao market.

The Straight Arrow (SA) Technologies, the first distributor of Trinahome products, which are all-in-one Solar PV System, promoted the advantages of using the Solar Roof System that would be applicable to any kind of houses with strong foundation.

“Our company is here to save the future. Hopefully, we are here to save the environment, and hopefully to save the electric bills of our homes. We are looking on the future because it is important that our kids and our grandchildren experience what we are experiencing,” Dominic Dexter So, chief financial officer (CFO) of SA Technologies, said during the Connect media forum in SM Lanang Premier Friday, November 9.

Bien Angelo Niño, chief operating officer (COO) of the SA Technologies, said that the Solar Roof System is designed to transform residential rooftops into an electrical power generation platform to supply to households with electricity.

The company offers the complete package which consists module, inverter, distribution cabinet, and the cable and bracket.

Meanwhile, Dominic Dexon So, chairman and CEO, said there is a need to educate Dabawenyos about the advantages of solar energy because they noticed that the citizens in Davao to not trust some current solar products in the market because they are only being offered fake items.

Each one complete package of the product would cost P165,000 to P1 million depending on how wide will be the roof but it will save a minimum of P1,500 in the monthly electricity bill.


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