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The global solar panel cleaning market size is poised to show tremendous growth during the forecast period, thanks to the increased installation of solar farms to make optimum utilization of sun’s energy.

The cost for setting up solar panels is quite affordable as compared to its conventional alternatives for generating electricity. This feature has encouraged end-users to create a solar farm and make efficient use of its energy. Governments across the world have now realized the importance of using renewable energy sources because they do not cause any harm to the surrounding environment.

Some of the key trends that will help the solar panel cleaning market realize its highest potential are mentioned below:

Automated cleaning robots will witness spike in demand in Europe:

Europe is one of the most technologically advanced regions in the world. It is a market leader when it comes to creating innovative products and services. Large investments are being made to bring out advanced technologies like automated cleaning robots for solar panels. SunBrush launched one of its most advanced products in May 2019 called X500 Novel Brush which is used to clean solar panels.

It is quite unique in its functioning as it uses different brush adjustments that make it easier to clean some unreachable places in the panels. Manufacturers are engaged in constant research and development activities to invent smart technologies and improve the overall experience of solar farm owners by providing customized and flexible cleaning solutions.

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Autonomous mode of operation will see increased use in Europe:

According to market reports, autonomous solar panel cleaning market will witness steady rise in demand in the coming years. This is because of the incredible rise seen in the number of modern technologies like remote sensing, machine learning and remote management. There are several benefits associated with operating solar panels in autonomous mode like greater ease of operations and lower setup cost that will attract large number of consumers to opt for this mode.

Commercial sector in Europe to be a key driver:

The construction of commercial infrastructure is on the rise in Europe with advanced and well-planned complexes that do not just look state-of-the-art but cause minimal impact on the environment as well. Solar energy is being developed across the region to power commercial buildings and move towards achieving energy neutrality. This kind of infrastructure will help conserve energy which will ultimately reduce the carbon footprint, thereby accelerating the demand for solar panel cleaning systems.

Wet solar panel cleaning technology demand in Asia Pacific:

Dry and wet solar panel cleaning technologies are quite popular among solar farm owners. However, the wet solar panel cleaning technology will find increased demand among consumers in APAC region the coming years. This is because end-users are focusing on increasing their power generation capacity in areas where there are higher chances of soiling losses. This type of loss happens when dirt and dust accumulate on the solar panels that scatter light rays, ultimately leading to loss of solar energy. There are several chemicals and solutions available in the market that specialize in cleaning solar panels, augmenting the trends in the market.

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China’s potential in APAC solar panel cleaning market:

China will play an important role in the development of the market in Asia Pacific. There are several companies in the country that are engaged in the creation of various advanced technologies that help in the efficient generation and distribution of solar power. The infrastructure developed by these organizations for manufacturing solar panels is quite advanced and well-organized in its operations.

According to a 2017 report released by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, more than 50% of the total solar panel manufacturing in the world took place in China. There are stringent emission regulations kept in place as well to ensure the ethical installation of solar PV systems and effective generation of energy. Several government benefits and relaxations are present as well that will benefit the market potential.

Semi-automated panel cleaning systems in North America:

Semi-automated solar systems will find increased demand among end-users in North America. One of the major reasons cited for this is the supportive policies introduced by the governments like feed-in tariffs, subsidies, and many others. These plans will encourage the production of solar energy to reduce the carbon emission rates of industries in the region. This form of solar panel cleaning system has a wider range of applications across commercial and residential spaces and has beneficial features for end-users like flexible cleaning requirements, greater compatibility with a tracking system and lower upfront cost on setting up.

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Manual mode of operation has considerable use in North America:

Manual solar panel cleaning operations will find increased demand among consumers across the residential sector in North America. People living in residential complexes are becoming aware about the harmful effects of non-renewable energy sources on nature. Therefore they are increasingly adopting solar panels as an eco-friendly alternative to other conventional sources of electricity generation. They are increasing their focus on smart infrastructure as well to ensure efficient operation of solar panels, propelling the development of the industry.

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