Solar in the garage via Tesla – brand-e

Tesla is offering UK owners of its electric cars the chance to convert their homes into mini solar energy plants. Consumers will need a home charger, solar panels and a Tesla Powerwall battery for storage to hop on board the renewables initiative.

Thanks to a tie-up with power provider Octopus, homes will be able to generate, store and export energy to the grid during peak times. The two companies reckon the accompanying tariff can deliver 75% savings on offerings from the market’s leading suppliers.

The city of Portsmouth recently unveiled what it claims is the largest operational Tesla Powerwall installation in the UK on the Hilsea Industrial Estate.

The project comprises close to 740 solar panels installed on unused roof space, and a 10-unit battery system capable of storing 135kWh of electricity.

It is expected to reduce the location’s reliance on grid-imported electricity by as much as 50%.


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