Solar in Soulsville: Memphis Rox, with solar installation, to highlight renewable energy – Commercial Appeal

A bevy of environmentally-focused nonprofits is about to help two other nonprofits, Memphis Rox and One Family Memphis, by donating the cash that will help install a 20-kilowatt solar array on the roof of the Soulsville climbing gym. 

The move to add solar to the roof of the gym could cut the electric bill at Memphis Rox by 20%, no small thing for the large climbing gym on McLemore Avenue. 

The grant to Memphis Rox is coming from the Honnold Foundation, a Utah-based nonprofit founded by rock-climber Alex Honnold, that gives grants that help nonprofits across the country build out solar installations to be more sustainable and reduce their electric bills. 

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“Putting solar on …for the nonprofit themselves can really help free up some of those funds, and give them a little more flexibility so they can do things like… provide more services to the community that they are so vital to,” Kate Trujillo, the director of operations for the Honnold Foundation, said in an interview. 

June 2, 2021 Mary Sparks