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To the editor:

As arguments for and against replacing forests and farms with thousands of acres of solar panels continue to swirl, let’s get to the heart of the issue: greed. It’s not about sustainable, green energy, it’s about money and power and keeping that money and power in just a few hands.

Solar panels, in the right place, are great! The right place in Virginia for solar panels: on a roof. Every roof, on every house, barn, restaurant, store, school, factory and electric car. Every roof should be covered in solar panels! That should be our goal. That is not the goal of Dominion or the electric co-ops.

Their goal with solar “farms” is to keep total control of power production and they think they have figured out a way to charge us for sunshine. Since we’ve used up much of the cheap, easy oil, coal and gas, the fossilized sunshine that Earth has been storing for eons, they need a new plan to keep us dependent on grid power.

And, it’s a good plan. Get consumers to sign up and pay more for “sustainable,” “green” solar energy. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that! So, we cut down a few thousand acres of trees in rural Louisa. Do they really need all those trees, and, by the way, pine prices are down. Just promise them tax money …

What corporate power producers do not want is that electric consumers become a productive part of the electric grid. If we were all part of the grid and were paid for the power we produced, we’d all produce more and use less. But, that could cut big power out of their total grid control and endanger their electricity monopoly and does not fit into their long-term corporate plans.

If these solar “farms” are approved, how many more will seek to cut trees and replant in solar panels to make a buck? How much of Louisa will be sacrificed to produce power for elsewhere? When will the overall quality of life in Louisa outweigh the quantity of cash for a few already rich individuals and corporations? The tax dollar tease will not help offset the losses in the quality of life we all live in Louisa to enjoy.

Solar energy is going to be a big part of a sustainable, livable future for all of us. Trees, farms and wildlife also need to be part of that future. Let supervisors know we want them to lead, not succumb to more corporate greed. If they want their solar panels on our land, first, put them on our roofs!

The future will not look like the past. Recent events have quickly shown positive public involvement can spark and create needed change. Individual grid power users becoming grid power solar producers is another positive step along the path to deal with the wilder and warmer future rushing our way.

Lew Holladay


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