Show up at this RV park wearing a mask and you’ll be considered a criminal! –

At Ann Retzlaff’s Annie’s Campground in Shawano County, Wisconsin, you better not show up wearing a mask or she’ll assume you’re a bad guy up to no good!

While masks may reduce the chances of transmission of the virus, they may increase the chances of the bad guys taking an advantage, at least that’s Rezlaff’s thinking. So if you plan on visiting her place anytime soon, be prepared to remove your mask when you show up. If you don’t, then stay somewhere else.

In an interview published on, Retzlaff pointed to her responsibility as a campground owner. “My responsibility is to take care of my family and my property, but also I run a business so it’s my responsibility to also provide as safe of an environment as I can.”

In keeping up with that responsibility, Retzlaff says anyone entering any of the campground buildings needs to be clearly visible. That means, no face masks.

To Ann Retzlaff the matter is so serious that anyone who enters one of her buildings and refuses to remove a mask will receive a criminal’s welcome. Retzlaff says that such an incident will be treated “as a burglary in progress.” She points out that it takes law enforcement folks a good ten minutes to respond to a call for help so “there won’t be a hesitation to act on a burglary in progress.”

The story doesn’t spell out in detail just what that action will be, but given the tone of Retzlaff’s personal Facebook page, it might not be pretty – she sounds like a mighty determined woman. Retzlaff says too many area businesses have been taken advantage of by masked bad guys.

If you’re a determined face mask wearer and can overcome the idea that you’ll have to go bare-faced in the registration office, your worries are over. After you’ve been properly identified, you’re welcome to wear a face mask – at your own campsite.



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