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EDITOR’S NOTE: We have asked RVtravel.com readers to tell us how they are adapting to life these days. Here is Pat and John’s story:

We’ve been full-time RVers since 2016, traversing the country from season to season to visit family and friends and touring the National Parks, our ultimate passion, along the way.

At this point in April, we were to be in Texas, where we had planned a six-week tour of every National Park and National Park unit in that state. Our tour was to coincide with a week of classroom study at the NRVIA to begin the RV inspector certification process. Suddenly, everything changed when the coronavirus pandemic hit.

We are currently hunkered down at an RV park north of Los Angeles, where we’ve been since November to visit our grandsons and their parents.

We’ve been asked by family and friends, “How are you holding up in such a small space, not able to go anywhere or do anything?”

We tell them that RVers are durable folks, able to change plans at a moment’s notice, ready to adjust with the weather or the circumstance. In this case, it’s adjusting for a most unusual time in all of our lives. As for us, we’ve always been pretty flexible and adaptable. So, this hasn’t really been difficult.

Our conversation one morning this week started with this:

John: (during a break from the alternative online training that NRVIA set up in light of the stay at home orders), What are you planning to do today?

Pat: I have two Zoom meetings this week, so I’m exploring the Adobe platform to download or create a PDF backdrop when I’m on the video calls. What about you?

John: We just finished a segment about pressure loads on propane tanks. We’ll be looking at manometers next. You interested in hearing about it?

Pat: Interesting, but thanks. (LOL). I’m also researching Hootsuite versus Hubspot. Need to decide on the platform for our future business plans.

John: Oh, good idea! How does that work? (LOL)

Pat: For the blog/website we’ve been designing. Also looking into WordPress or Blogger or a similar one to see what’s best for integrating our content, SEO, optimization. What’s the rest of your day like?

John: My homework today is to study RV refrigeration concepts. NRVIA shipped us the videos to watch and study. This will be another 12-hour day of study and training. How did your new setup go yesterday?

Pat: With Slack? Great. Some of my fellow members of RVWA that are on our Slack portal are also on my LinkedIn. So, we’re connecting!

John (as he puts his headset back on to start the next session of video training): Good for you!

It’s a day in the life of full-time RVers inside our tiny home on wheels, embracing technology and its lingo, while in isolation, making future plans while waiting out the storm!

Pat and John Jennette

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