Ribbon-cutting at New Hopatcong Solar Field – Celebrates $4B Investment -October 15, 2020 – Hopatcong Lake Regional News

Event Information:

  • Take Bus to Ribbon Cutting                              Click to Enlarge Parking PlansSince the upper road to the Solar Field Cathy Million Recreation Director has designed the following Park & Bus Service to the top of the field.
  • Visitor and Dignitaries should park in the lower lot:
  • Set GPS to: Hopatcong Animal Shelter: 332 Durban Ave, Hopatcong
  • Follow the little road and park anywhere along the lower lover, so that a bus service can take you up the rough road to the area where the presentation will take place.
  • During this presentation you will receive information on a project that has been underway for at least eight years in the approval and 4 months in development.

What to Expect:

A state of art Solar Field:

Specifications of Solar Field:

  • 4,000 Panels will be installed, each costing about $250 each
  • Each Panel produces about 285 watts
  • Each panel measures 78” x 39” and weighs about 39 lbs.
  • The panels are 90% efficient, which is guaranteed for 10 years
  • Each panel is the top of the line Monocrystalline solar panels
  • Each Panel has 144 monocrystalline cells

Top of the Line: Use of Monocrystalline solar panels

Solar Panel ExampleMonocrystalline solar panels are generally thought of as a premium solar product. The main advantages of monocrystalline panels are higher efficiencies and sleeker aesthetics.

To make solar cells for monocrystalline solar panels, silicon is formed into bars and cut into wafers. These types of panels are called “monocrystalline” to indicate that the silicon used is single-crystal silicon. Because the cell is composed of a single crystal, the electrons that generate a flow of electricity have more room to move. As a result, monocrystalline panels are more efficient than their polycrystalline counterparts.

According to Mayor Michael Francis, “The Borough of Hopatcong is the Landlord and we fully support this effort to fully reduce our carbon footprint and to have conscious efforts to support our environment. This is approximately a $4 million effort by the developers.

The Borough will receive $15,500 per Megawatt installed, we are starting at about 1.5 Mw and can expand this solar field further in the future.”

Overview of Cost Avoidance & Revenue:

Areas of Cost Avoidance


·         Annual Cost of Soil Samples


·         Annual cost of land (mowing) Maintenance


Total Cost Avoidance:



Areas of Revenue:


·       1.5Mw  Annual Revenue Megawatt ($15,500 per Mw)



Annual Total Cost Avoidance & Revenue:


Note; There is additional work being done by the primary company that owns the Solar Field, which may allow local residents to tap into the grid for lower costs. The long-process of the paperwork had not been finalized, so this can be considered a FUTURE-HOPEFUL at this point.

Pictures throughout the Development Phase:


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The Borough Owned property has been leased for 25 years to ACCP NJ Solar that has completed the design phase and moving into the building and construction of the solar arrays. The solar project is jointly developed and financed by AC Power and Citrine Power, both experienced commercial and utility-scale solar developers in the Northeastern U.S. The project’s expected commercial operation date is expected late this year.

Annika Colston, President of AC Power, said, “We are excited to work with the Borough of Hopatcong to convert their landfill from a tax drain to a revenue-generating solar energy facility, contributing to the state’s ambitious and laudable goal of 50% renewable energy power by 2030.”

When completed the solar system will sell its power to Jersey Central Power and Light, which serves approximately 1.1 million customers in central and northern New Jersey.

Cela Sinay-Bernie, the Managing Partner of Citrine Power, commented, “We congratulate Hopatcong’s leadership for their commitment to protecting the environment and in finding a sustainable solution to the development of renewable power for the financial benefit of the Borough.”

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