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Yeah but your method to get this SGIP seems inconsistent with what SGIP has been saying for months for Equity Resiliency. Did someone submit an ICF in August 2020 and get the RRF approval for your project before October 22, 2020?

After that time, it was incredibly difficult to get Equity Resilience funds in PG&E’s area. Applicants were waitlisted, and would be hoping SGIP rejects people ahead of them in line to free up funds for their own ER incentive. PG&E, the CPUC, and SGIP claimed in the Q4 workshop that the funds were basically gone for new applications in the PG&E coverage area since all excess funds were shifted to the low-income-non-residential.

The boolean to determine if you even qualify for the “normal income” Equity Resiliency is confusing as hell:

(you either suffered a lot of PSPS OR are in a Tier2/3 fire zone)
(you are on Medical Baseline OR 100% well pump water OR or someone in your household has a serious medical condition that would suffer greatly without power)

I can’t imagine that you qualify for the Equity/Low-Income bucket since you’re looking into buying 3 EVs. So, assuming you qualify through the above Equity Resiliency boolean. How you’re getting the funds today means someone set aside funds for you a while back. Whoever did that for you deserves many cases of beer.

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May 13, 2021 susan ward