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What the couple above are talking about is an off road, off grid, towable camper known as the Raker. It’s the last family member from Australian-based Offline Campers. The only other trailer this team produces is the Domino which autoevolution featured a few months back.

To get things up to speed, a little bit about Offline as most folks don’t even know of their existence. Offline Campers is one of those little family-owned businesses that is seeking to do things a bit differently.

Born from the passion of two outdoor enthusiasts, Sam and Jenna Reynolds, seeking the perfect trailer for their family needs, Offline is now known for building trailers that push the boundaries of off-grid living. One of the longest journeys taken by the team has been a six-week trip through Tasmania.

As for the Raker, time to find out if it’s got what you need to carve your own journey. As it stands, the trailer comes in with a floor length of 2,950 mm (9.68 ft), height of 1,550 mm (5.08 ft), and width of 1,800 mm (5.90 ft). Sure, it may sound small, but wait till it blows up into tent mode. It seems that once the tent and living space are exposed, the Raker basically doubles in length. Overall, the vehicle comes in with an optional-dependent weight of 1,200 kg (2,645 lbs).

Standard, that chassis is a hot dip galvanized chassis with coil springs, twin shocks, and 12-inch (30.5-centimeter) brakes. High lift jack points, front and rear stabilizer legs, and lower stone protection, are also standard. Optionally, you can throw on an airbag suspension system, Fox remote reservoir shocks, and a 100-liter (26.4-gallon) underslung fuel tank. 

Waterworks are supplied by a 105-liter (27.7-gallon) rear tank with high flow pump and a shower outlet, but a range of options such as 75-liter (19.8-gallon) drinking water tank, charcoal water filter, and Webasto water and air heaters also exists.

One system that Offline gave more importance to is electrical. Electric opening, Enerdrive battery monitor, two 105-amp hour AGM batteries, and unregulated solar input to MPPT are standard. A 40-amp DC/DC and 20-amp AC/DC charger are also supplied. Not to mention countless USB ports, reading lights, and camp lights.

One the other hand, a list of options reveals 260-watt roof mounted solar panels, 400-watt to 2600-watt inverter, and 2000-watt inverter from Enerdrive, to name a few. Remember, all these options will cost you extra, so do bring more than just the $55,600 Australian ($42,969 U.S. at current exchange rates) needed to get yourself a Raker.

One thing I enjoyed most is the amount of storage space you can find aboard this towable. 340-liter (89.8-gallon) under bed drawers, 400-liter (105.6-gallon) kitchen storage, and 1,400 liters (369.8-gallon) of any other storage; that six-week trip is starting to sound credible. A 300-liter (79.2-gallon) front storage locker adds some extra space, and a couple of jerry cans holders are also found.

The tent is revealed through an unfolding of the Raker’s roof and includes innerspring mattress, flooring, wall trim, and bedhead fabric. Options for awning extension and walls, kids’ room, and privacy curtains are also available, and so is a solar blanket.

The kitchen is an outdoor one so be prepared to cook your meals under a sunny or starry sky. Stainless-steel is the winning metal here, with a smev two-burner range and sink, kitchen drawer, and Waeco CFX 95 fridge. You can opt for a BBQ hotplate and three-burner top if you’d like.

If all that isn’t enough for you, don’t forget to tell Offline exactly what you want. They’ll do their best to give you the camper trailer you want and need for your lifestyle.

Source: https://www.autoevolution.com/news/raker-camper-trailer-explodes-into-a-full-blown-campsite-for-your-family-161718.html

May 24, 2021 Mary Sparks