Proposals are in for workforce housing at 105 Mercill Ave – Buckrail

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – The Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing Department received five proposals by the May 23 deadline after an RFP went out soliciting developers for a workforce housing project at 105 Mercill Avenue.

Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust, Mercill Partners LLC, Onion Flats Development, United Development Solutions, and Westmount Development.

Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust

105 Mercill Ave rendering that includes Children’s Museum. (Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust)

The Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust joined forces with Jackson Hole Children’s Museum on their proposal to address two essential needs facing working families in our community—affordable housing and out-of-school care for children.

According to the Housing Trust, the one-of-a-kind mutually beneficial partnership could provide a permanent home for the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum as well as 24 much needed homes for dedicated members of the workforce. The sale of the commercial space to the museum would generate essential project revenue to help the Housing Trust maximize the affordability of the homes.

“To date, 146 Housing Trust homes have served more than 420 people” said Anne Cresswell, Executive Director of the Housing Trust. “If awarded the opportunity to partner with Teton County and the Housing Department, we are confident in the ability of our team to deliver 24 quality, affordable homes on-time and on-budget. The distinguishing characteristic of this project, however, is the potential to also ensure the continued delivery of essential educational services to the community at large.”

Each year, the museum serves more than 12,000 children and caregivers through play spaces and programs including STEAM labs, affordable afterschool programs and summer camps designed to nurture creativity and exploration.

Jean Lewis, executive director of the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum added, “Through this partnership, the JH Children’s Museum has the opportunity to secure a forever home. Our enriching programming directly supports families and youth in Teton County. This opportunity would afford the JH Children’s Museum the stability to enhance and expand our services to further meet the needs of local families.”

Mercill Partners LLC (stick built proposal)/United Development Solutions (modular)

105 Mercill Ave rendering. (Mercill Partners LLC)

Stick-built and modular versions of the same design submitted by Merrill Partners and United Development, respectively.

Our development plan is for 28 workforce housing units total including 14 one bedroom units, 10 two bedroom units and 4 three bedroom units that will be built over a mix of restaurant/cafe, retail, office spaces and covered parking at street level and a below-grade parking garage.

The units will be in a range of 462-580 sf for the one-bedroom units, 720-875 sf for the two bedroom units and 1,020 sf for the three bedroom units. At least two of the units will be ADA accessible with two separate elevators that will provide access to all levels.

The development is approximately 19,000 sf of housing and 6,000 sf of commercial space above grade and 20,000 sf of parking, storage and utility space below grade. We are proposing 71 parking spots, 32 storage closets and ample storage for bikes.

Onion Flats

105 Mercill Ave rendering. (Onion Flats)

MERCILL FLATS is an efficient, yet spacious, high-performance, carbon-neutral, 30-unit community designed to serve a population BELOW market rate (80%-120% MFI) without any Town or County Housing Authority subsidies.

28 Workforce housing units and 2 income-restricted Affordable housing units combined with ample amenity space on each floor, shared working/meeting space, community garden-BBQ-playground, bicycle + accessory storage space for each resident and a 132 kW solar array (engineered to meet ALL of the energy requirements of the project) articulates an intentional community designed to promote collaborative interaction between all residents and foster sustainable modes of living that are socially, financially and environmentally healthy.

Westmount Development

105 Mercill Ave rendering. (Westmount)

Westmount, Krikor, and New West Building Company brought a proposed development 3 stories tall, with 24,219 gross sf (excluding 11,509 sf of mechanical space, and 7,494 sf of tuck under parking). In an attempt to maximize living space, 22,584, or 93% of the gross building square feet is livable or commercial.

The proposed project is made up of 23 – 1, 2, and 3 bedroom workforce condos and 3,286 sf of ground floor commercial space.

The site includes 37 residential parking spaces where 35 are required, six of which will be subject to a shared parking agreement, plus 5 commercial on-street parking spaces for a total of 11 commercial spaces meeting the zoning requirements for residential (6.4.1.B) and retail (6.1.6.C).

Site access is from Glenwood Street via a two-way drive designed to service both 105 Mercill and the adjacent Children’s Learning Center site.

The Board of County Commissioners is scheduled to award the project on July 2.

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