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Con Edison customers have completed more than 33,000 solar installation projects with the capacity to produce 300 megawatts (MW) of renewable power—putting their customers on par with many of the largest utility-scale solar facilities in the United States and around the world.

The solar panels Con Edison customers have installed avoided the CO2 emissions from 31,362,121 gallons of gasoline used or the greenhouse gas equivalent of taking about 60,000 cars off the road for one year.

To become part of the solar energy power movement customers can begin by visiting: ( www.coned.com/en/savemoney/using-private-generation-energy-sources/solar-energy/understanding-solar).

Among the five boroughs of New York City, Queens is the solar leader and Staten Island is second. In Queens,10,400 projects have been completed with the capacity to produce more than 77 MW of electricity. Staten Island customers have completed over 8,000 solar projects with the capacity to produce more than 67 MW.

In Westchester County, customers have installed more than 7,000 solar arrays that can produce up to 78 MW of power.

Con Edison customers have installed residential systems ranging from a single kilowatt to arrays up to 5 MW on large commercial buildings.

A typical residential customer with a 6-kilowatt solar array can generate enough power to provide up to $700 in annual electric savings, helping reduce a bill by more than 60 percent.

Con Edison continues to make it faster, easier, and less expensive for customers to harness the energy of the sun by streamlining the interconnection process. The interconnection process ensures reliable electric service is maintained for all customers while providing solar customers the ability to send excess power back into the grid and get paid for it.

The company sought and received New York State Public Service Commission approval to shorten the process for customers with solar projects up to 5 megawatts. Until this year, customers applying to interconnect these projects had to pay for a detailed engineering review that could take up to three months.

Con Edison also provides customers with information to help them decide whether solar energy is right for them: www.coned.com/en/savemoney/using-private-generation-energy-sources/solar-energy.

Through its Clean Energy Businesses, Con Edison Inc. is the second largest solar provider in North America. Those businesses have 2,600 MW of renewable (solar and wind) assets in 17 states.

The company also supports utility ownership of large-scale renewable generation in New York State. Utility ownership would be less costly for customers since utilities can finance and operate these projects less expensively than private developers.

Source: https://www.qgazette.com/articles/power-of-the-people-queens-leads-in-solar-energy/

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