Pollux Releases Their Their Product with Epishine:s Light Cell – Printed Electronics World

Pollux, one of Epishine’s first customers, which already has two light-powered products on the market, is now revealing a new product in the Hadar family: “Hadar Cold”, a connected sensor for temperatures below zero. This sensor is designed to help preserve, extend, and ensure the shelf life of refrigerated products, without the maintenance cost for changing the batteries.
“When your business model relies on fresh delicious, and safe to eat food, optimizing your entire cold chain to keep things at the right temperature should be your top priority. Today businesses often replace batteries at a predetermined interval, which can result in them replacing a battery that still has 30-40% energy left. Furthermore, batteries and cold climate isn’t a good match which means that a standard battery can lose as much as 50% of its capacity in temperatures sub -10°C. For Hadar Cold this is not an issue as it runs completely without batteries.” says Lars Mokvist, Pollux. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Sensors 2021-2041.
June 9, 2021 sally Wood