Oi, richy! If you’re going to buy a yacht, at least make it solar-powered – The Next Web

Luxury and sustainability aren’t words that you often see together. When exuberant decadence is the name of the game, thinking of the planet tends to go out the window pretty damn quick.

But as I was leafing through the pages of famed luxury lifestyle magazine the Robb Report, doing my best to escape the reality of lockdown life, I stumbled across something that seemed at odds with norms of luxurious excess: a solar-powered yacht.

Owning a yacht is peak rich-person lifestyle, I assume. I wouldn’t know, I don’t own one. But when the hoi polloi of the world come together to clink champagne glasses and wag chins there are often lots of very big, privately owned, and privately staffed boats nearby. Think of the Monaco F1 Grand Prix and you get the idea.

Credit: Alistair Boyd – Unsplash