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To everyone who is concerned, according to the Recreation Centers of Sun City facilities agreement, Article II, Section A states: “RCSC agrees to operate the recreational facilities for the benefit of homeowners and residents of Sun City, Arizona, who qualify to use them under its Restated Articles of Incorporation, Corporate By Laws, and Board Policies.”

Article III OWNER(S) AGREE(S): Section A: “To pay in advance when due to RCSC: (a) The annual property assessment for said Property regardless of the use or non-use of any recreational facilities and regardless of whether such Owner or any occupants are qualified under the RCSC Restated Articles of Incorporation, Corporate Bylaws. etc.”

Now, because we are not allowed to use the facilities, we as homeowners have no obligation to pay for services we cannot receive and are locked out of and not allowed to even walk on the properties due to security guards who are being paid with our dues. Also, RCSC continues to pay indefinitely all employees full wages.

The governor of Arizona opened all pools and gyms May 12. Why does this RCSC board continues to ignore this opening, due to the statement of following the Centers for Disease Control, not the state governor?

The RCSC board had two-plus months to have a plan in place and the equipment purchased to reopen. After all, we the homeowners have been paying in advance.

This is a disgrace and not fair to the homeowners, and we should not pay for any time these facilities are closed after May 12.

Patricia O’Hara

Margie Pascoe

Sun City

Source: https://www.yourvalley.net/stories/ohara-and-pascoe-no-sun-city-use-should-mean-no-fee-to-be-paid,163040

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