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Build Tiny‘s latest model was created in collaboration with architecture firm First Light Studio. With its detachable trailer and ability to run either on or off-the-grid as required, the tiny house is well-suited to both life on the road and being parked permanently.

The First Light Tiny House is based on a double-axle detachable trailer like Escape’s Vista C (the house sits on a base that can in turn be attached to the trailer) and measures 7.2-m (23 ft)-long. It consists of a steel frame and corrugated steel exterior, painted black. The build process was different to previous models by the firm, owing to the design being handled by First Light Studio.

“This project came about slightly differently than our normal build process,” explains Build Tiny. “This client had been dreaming of building her own tiny house for close to four years before she took the plunge and hired award-winning architecture firm First Light Studio to design her dream tiny house. They worked together to come up with the concept design and then a year or so later, approached us to help bring the project to reality.”

The First Light Tiny House is light-filled and relatively spacious

The First Light Tiny House is light-filled and relatively spacious

Build Tiny

Visitors enter the tiny house through double doors into the living room. The interior is finished in poplar and birch plywood and boasts generous glazing. The living room itself features a sofa with integrated storage space that’s on wheels. There’s quite a lot of storage space elsewhere in the room too, including a cupboard and overhead storage.

Nearby is the kitchen. This has a 3-m (9.8 ft)-long stainless steel countertop that extends slightly with a small folding table. The kitchen features a mini-fridge, lots of storage space, a small oven, two-burner propane-powered stove, and a wine rack. The area connects to the bathroom, which has a small custom vanity unit, composting toilet and a shower.

There’s just one bedroom in the First Light Tiny House, which is accessed by a storage-integrated staircase that has a little nook with a table and a space for a washing machine. The bedroom is a typical tiny house style loft bedroom with a queen-sized bed and is topped by a skylight.

The First Light Tiny House's kitchen includes a large counter finished in stainless steel

The First Light Tiny House’s kitchen includes a large counter finished in stainless steel

Build Tiny

The First Light Tiny House gets power either from a standard RV-style hookup or a roof-based solar panel array. This is connected to an inverter and batteries.

The total cost for this one came in at roughly NZD 150,000 (about US$100,000), including the off-grid system.

Source: Build Tiny


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