Moving and storage company owner builds solar powered warehouse

NAPLES, Fla. – The “Southwest Florida Reinvented” series is based on suggestions from the public. The public wanted to hear success stories on how people changed their own situation, and this business owner did just that. 

His reasoning — he just wanted to do the right thing. 

Jim Henderson runs the William C. Huff Moving and Storage Company in Naples, with two things in mind. 

“Doing what’s right always works out,” Henderson said. “We’re going to change the world, by being different. We’re going to take this business and be different.”

The William C. Huff Company assists the wealthy, mainly moving to Naples, who need storage while they build their homes. 

“A good portion of what we do now is receive for new houses on the beach. Port Royal, Jorlan Drive. These homes, the land costs 10 or 15 million dollars,” Henderson said. “We’re dealing with designers, very valuable artwork, antiques, heirlooms, wine. Not everybody in our industry can do that.”

A few years ago, Henderson did something very different, because he was concerned about the environment. 

“I think people aren’t aware of how much pollution is generated by making electricity, because you don’t see it,” he said. 

He built a solar farm to power 100 percent of his warehouses. The 528 panels produce 137 kilowats of electricity, and this is enough to run almost 20 homes, he said. 

Henderson saw an opportunity to change the way he ran his business, and he took a financial risk that paid off. His company is now the largest solar powered warehouse in Collier County, and he’s saving money.

“When I knew it was the right thing to do, it was an easy decision,” he said. 

The success of Henderson’s solar project, along with his goal to do the right thing, now has Henderson working on a new project. He is currently building the prototype for an all solar, energy efficient home that is mostly made of recycled steel. 

“Knowing how efficient this new addition is, I said, if we can build a house like this, not only can we get a house that’s affordable, but you can afford to keep it because there’s no electricity costs,” he said. 

It’s a business reinvention based on the ideals that made Henderson successful in the beginning. 

“As you mature and get older, you learn that, yea, there’s a quick way to make a dollar by making a deal. But the long term effect of doing what’s right is way more effective,” Henderson said. 


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