More Than 30% of Voya Financial’s Arizona Facility Powered by Solar – Environment + Energy Leader

(Credit: Voya Financial)

Voya Financial has announced that its newly constructed Chandler, Arizona, office features solar carports that are expected to offset more than 663,600 kilowatt-hours of electricity in its first year of operation alone.

Voya estimates the solar carport system will provide 32% of the facility’s total energy, offsetting purchased utility power by the same percentage and delivering significant savings over the solar system’s estimated 30-year or longer lifespan.

Voya worked with Arizona-based companies to design and build the system. Hawkins Design Group in Gilbert was responsible for the parking garage, solar, efficient LED lighting and controls systems. Chandler-based Sun Valley Solar Solutions collaborated with Hawkins during the system’s design phase and was responsible for the installation of the SunPower photovoltaic system.

Additional eco-friendly features throughout the facility include: LED lighting with automatic controls; open-collaboration workspaces within 15 feet of windows to utilize a daylight-harvesting system that offsets the amount of lighting needed to properly light the space; HVAC temperature controls to allow heating/cooling of individual sections of the facility as occupancy needs change; digital signage to curb printing; building materials made from recycled content for carpeting, wall coverings, ceiling tiles, hardwoods and fabrics; and electric vehicle charging stations.


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November 12, 2020 sally Wood