Montante Solar completes installation of solar roof system at Glauber Equipment – Bee



Montante Solar has announced the completion of a 205-kilowatt solar roof system comprised of 612 solar panels, which has been installed on top of Glauber Equipment’s 3,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Lancaster.

“As New York State continues down the path of fulfilling its statutory emission reductions, we are excited to be partnering with forward thinking companies like Glauber Equipment, who are embracing and achieving a clean and sustainable future sooner rather than later,” said Daniel Montante, president of Montante Solar.

Montante said the $300,000 investment will produce 222,000 kwh annually, with an estimated payback period to the company of approximately three years. The project will also reduce carbon emissions by approximately 153 metric tons on an annual basis.

“We are proud that Glauber Equipment is one of the first manufacturers in Western New York to be 100% solar powered,” said Peter Glauber, president of Glauber Equipment. “As most of our business is focused on the renewable energy sector, it was important that we demonstrate our commitment to a clean and sustainable future, not only to our clients and team members but to our community.”

Glauber Equipment is a second-generation family owned and operated business that has realized significant growth recently in the renewable energy sector in the bio-gas space. The company creates clean energy in the form of natural bio-gas by taking gas produced by anaerobic digesters and separating the methane, carbon dioxide and other particulates. Glauber currently employs 37 people, and was deemed an essential business during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic as it services other essential businesses, including hospitals and food processing companies.


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