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AUSTIN, Texas, July 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The retail energy provider app, Griddy, chose Longhorn Solar to be one of three partners for solar panel installation for its customers. Griddy is a digital platform that offers its members electricity service at wholesale prices—with a monthly membership fee. Currently, Griddy only provides services to Texas residents.

Griddy recognized the natural correlation between solar production and high wholesale prices before deciding to educate their members on the benefits of solar power. Longhorn Solar is excited to have satisfied the rigorous standards set forth in Griddy’s vetting process, and proud to become a solar installation partner. Texas residents that are Griddy members will now have access to unique purchasing opportunities for solar panel installation by Longhorn Solar.

“We are thrilled to be one of the companies Griddy has chosen for solar panel installation. Longhorn Solar is excited to provide affordable solar panel installation to more people across Texas.” Louis Petrik, Longhorn Solar CEO

The endorsement by Griddy also introduces the high level of quality and service Longhorn Solar provides to Texas residents that were previously unaware of the company. Longhorn Solar offers personalized proposals to customers that come to them through the Griddy partnership.

About Longhorn Solar

Longhorn Solar is a leader in solar panel installation in Texas. They achieve this by insourcing every aspect of the process, which means they are always able to guarantee top-notch work and a stellar customer experience. Their team of certified solar experts works together to create the best solar panel solutions for each customer.

With over 2,200 solar panel installations completed in Texas, Longhorn Solar continues to provide excellent quality and friendly customer service in every transaction. Every installation gets Longhorn Solar closer to its vision of seeing every rooftop in Texas equipped with solar panels. Longhorn Solar has offices in Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. https://longhornsolar.com

For more information, press only:

Louis Petrik, CEO 

Phone: 512.837.4800

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://longhornsolar.com

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