Loadshedding leaving you in the dark? Try these hacks – IOL

Like a seriously unwelcome but all-too-familiar guest, loadshedding has returned.  

To help South Africans get through the powerless days and dark nights, Orlando Luis, CEO of Brights Hardware, shares a list of eight must-have items that will keep your home (and office spaces) functional during a power outage.

Battery Powered LED Lighting

“Battery powered LED lighting is essential during power outages,” says Luis. “There is a wide range of rechargeable LED light strips, lanterns, and torches available that make keeping the lights on during loadshedding easy. You can even get a rechargeable LED desk lamp so that the kids can continue doing their homework during evening power cuts.”

Another great item to have in the home are intelligent LED light bulbs. These bulbs come in either a screw or bayonet configuration and can be used like a standard light bulb in any light fixture but they stay on during load-shedding as they hold charge for up to four hours.

Source: https://www.iol.co.za/lifestyle/home-garden/home/loadshedding-leaving-you-in-the-dark-try-these-hacks-50995150

July 15, 2020 susan ward