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Lincolnshire solar farm proposed

A solar farm stretching across an approximately 165-acre site designed to provide electricity for thousands of homes has been proposed in Lincolnshire.

Intelligent Alternatives is seeking the go-ahead from North Kesteven District Council to build the solar farm on agricultural land at off Braceby Road in Walcot, Sleaford.

It is anticipated that a solar farm of up to 50MW export would be developed, potentially powering approximately 15,000 homes annually for 40 years.

A number of small buildings are required to house inverters, transformers, substations, communications equipment, storage and batteries.

The solar panels will be positioned in rows with approximately a minimum of three metres of space from front to back to ensure the land can remain in agricultural use.

A statement lodged with the council on behalf of the applicant said: “The landscape of the site and its surroundings are considered to be appropriate for solar farm deployment due to the topography of the land and the ability to use mature plantation to screen the site.

“Therefore, on account of the topography, existing and proposed screening, as well as the appropriate setting for the proposals, no significant cumulative effects and transboundary effects are anticipated.”


May 27, 2021 sally Wood