Lightyear and Royal DSM team on solar-powered roof –

Lightyear and Royal DSM have signed an agreement to jointly scale the commercialisation of Lightyear’s solar-powered roof for the electric vehicle market.

The partnership aims to integrate solar-powered roofs in a variety of electric vehicles, including cars, vans and buses.

The companies are starting with pilot projects for customers from the automotive and public transport sector

Technology was initially developed by Lightyear for the solar panels of Lightyear One, a long-range solar vehicle due to launch in 2021 – with a WLTP range of 725km. Featuring five square metres of integrated solar cells protected by double-curved and safety glass, the solar roof captures sunlight continually whether the car is moving or stationary.

Lightyear maintains the solar roof can deliver enough energy to cover an average of 70%-90% of the yearly mileage.

DSM’s Conductive backsheet is an integral element of the solar roof – enabling all the connections of the solar cells to be put on the back of the solar panel. The reduction in electrical (cell-to-module) losses delivers a 3% increase in power output.

“By stepping up our collaboration with Lightyear we are creating an entirely new market for ‘lossless’ high power back-contact technology – with the potential to change the face of clean mobility and make a big impact on climate change,” said DSM Advanced Solar VP, Pascal de Sain.


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