Letters to the editor for Sunday, Sept. 27 – Daily Commercial

We need limits on capitalism

In a recent Daily Commercial column titled “Educate future generations on myths of socialism,” The Heritage Foundation’s Kay James said socialism is a false promise of fixing every social ill. Does she think capitalism has fixed the nation and the world’s social ills? She’d be mistaken.

She lists five countries where she said socialism has failed, including Israel and Great Britain. She then lists Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway where the happiest people live. She correctly said these socialist countries have free-market capitalism to fund their “welfare systems.” Now, that model, where there are free markets and people are the happiest, is better than either an entirely socialist or capitalist system. That is what we already have in the USA, with the deviation that the U.S. fails to provide the level of happiness of the other socialist/capitalist countries because we under tax and can’t therefore — unlike Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway — fund what makes people the happiest.

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