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After listening to some TedX speeches and my own observations and common knowledge of science, I have come to understand one of the major problems of renewable energy that I believe will make most of the wind mill and solar panel energy producing processes obsolete within a few years.

The ecologists and economists are beginning to team up to look at the real costs brought on by real factors that are engaged in wind mills and solar panel farms. A few of these are the destruction of habitat for such animals as the desert tortoise and other animals and plants, the killing of birds by the multitude including bald eagles by wind mills.

A huge issue is the disposal of caustic substances in solar panels and worn out amounts of materials in wind mills. There is also the problem of land surface consumption by these bulky mills and panels and well as the large amounts of energy used in the production of these products that add to their cost.

In the end, they are not adding enough energy to the grid to create any meaningful reduction in energy use.

In other words, everything I read states that even tripling our output of renewables, will not increase the chances of reduction in world temperature rise by even a half degree. The example is that a system of solar panels that honestly costs thirty thousand dollars installed, will create a savings of one hundred fifty dollars a month in energy produced. This means that no profit will be made for over 16 years, which is discouraging to the buyer of this product. So, to make the product more attractive, the government gives subsidies and tax breaks. These incentives are a mask for the real problem. Renewables are sold on a false narrative and not good economics or science.

We have forces that are in process at the City of South Lake Tahoe that are bent on establishing programs and policies that will require the homeowner and businesses to purchase and install these basically obsolete items. This false narrative wants you to believe that you are doing your part to save the world and our ecosystem. Subsidies is the attempt buy these forces to make them economically attractive to the buyer. Without these subsidies and tax incentives no rational person would use these products. These products will do little to curtail the actual amount of CO2 in our lake atmosphere and therefore they will have no effect on our ecosystems or climate change. These programs will be another hole in the ground for your tax dollars at every level of government. Instead of our roads getting fixed, the funds will be spent on these needless eco products.

Vote for Leonard Carter for City Council who recognizes eco-tyranny!

– Leonard Carter, Candidate for South Lake Tahoe City Council

Source: https://www.southtahoenow.com/story/10/26/2020/letter-editor-candidate-solar-panel-subsidy

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